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The Five Most Popular Gambling Destinations in the US

February 18, 2020

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Ready to up the ante on your next vacation? When planning your 2020 trip, consider adding gambling to your list of vacation activities. When traveling to a new city and splurging on a vacation, it’s fun to try a new to bet on your team in D.C legally and test out the casinos, racetracks, and digital games in bars and restaurants. Because you’ve stepped out of your daily routine, you won’t feel too guilty about spending a little extra dough on your entertainment. And if you happen to win big, who wouldn’t want to upgrade to first class on the flight home.

If you’re considering a vacation or weekend away that includes gambling, we’d recommend visiting one of these five locations. According to the 2019 State of the States report from the American Gaming Association, these are the top destinations in the U.S. for gambling by revenue. And if you visit one of these locations and win big, be sure to let us know in the comments below. 

  1. Las Vegas Strip ($6.59 billion)

It should come as no surprise that Vegas is the center of the gambling universe. With all the glitz, glamour and mega-casinos, the Las Vegas Strip has long been considered the ultimate gambling destination.

  1. Atlantic City ($2.51 billion)

Though Vegas might be the most popular gambling destination, Atlantic City is America’s original gambling town. Not only can you visit Atlantic City’s many casinos, but you can also bet on horse racing and partake in sports gambling.

  1. Chicagoland ($1.95 billion)

Chicago is not only the country’s third-largest city, but it’s the third most popular city for gambling. With more than a dozen casinos, three racetracks, legal sports betting, and hundreds of bars and restaurants with electronic slots and games, the Chicago area is a great place to go “all in.”

  1. Baltimore/Washington, D.C. ($1.88 billion)

The Baltimore and Washington, D.C. market has become one of the fastest-growing major casino markets in the last two years. And though sports betting isn’t legal yet in Maryland, you can take a quick drive or train ride to bet on your team in D.C.

  1. New York City area ($1.45 billion)

In 2018, not only did the state’s fourth casino resort open upstate, but New York was home to two of the top 10 grossing commercial casinos outside of Nevada. So while you’re in the Big Apple, you just might hit the big jackpot.


Ready to roll the dice and place your bets on one of these destinations? Be sure to read up on the basics of poker and learn which slot game you are based on your zodiac sign. And if you have any questions, travel suggestions or gambling tips, share them in the comments below. 

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