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3 TouchTunes Tips You Need to Know

November 5, 2019

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TouchTunes is the largest in-venue interactive music and entertainment platform in North America, with jukeboxes featured in over 60,000 bars and restaurants. You’ll likely find a TouchTunes the next time you hit the bars on a Saturday night, particularly if you’re visiting an AE location. But is there a way you can get even more out of TouchTunes?  Yes, if you follow these tips and tricks!

Download the TouchTunes App

The TouchTunes app offers music lovers many ways to optimize their jukebox experience. The app can show you all nearby locations with TouchTunes, so you’ll know where you can go to enjoy the best music around. Once you’re at the location, the TouchTunes app will show you what songs are coming up in the jukebox queue, so you’ll know whether you need to spice it up by changing the upcoming song or letting the next song play if your fellow patrons already have great taste.

If you use the app to pick songs on a TouchTunes jukebox, it will also create a customized playlist for you so you’ll be able to easily access your favorite artists and put them in the queue, or even discover new artists who match your tastes – everyone needs to broaden their musical horizons every once and a while!

Spotify Integration

If you download the TouchTunes app, you can also connect the app to your Spotify account. That way you can blast your finely curated playlist on TouchTunes, and not have to worry about having to go and find the perfect song to improve the mood. If you are an avid Spotify listener, then you probably have the perfect playlist in mind.

More Credits, More Power

If you choose a song to play on the TouchTunes at your favorite bar or other establishment, it will likely end up in a long queue behind all the other patrons who also want to hear their favorite songs. But, if you’re willing to use a few more credits, you can move your song (or songs) up in the queue to ensure you hear it sooner. If you’re smart about it, then you can budget your TouchTunes credits and leverage them to ensure that you control the music all night long. You don’t want to leave the bar before hearing your party anthem!

Do you have any more TouchTunes tips or tricks? What songs do you like hearing when you go to your favorite bar? Let us know in the comments below!

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