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Status Levels

AE Player Rewards Status Levels are earned based on achieving a number of check ins over a designated period, an exclusive invitation, or through an Instant Win opportunity. The more check ins you earn, the more advantages you receive!

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Once you achieve a membership status level, it will carry over to the start of the next Earning Period; however, your check in entry balances will reset to zero. You will have to continue to check in throughout each Earning Period to maintain status level, or to rise to the next status level.  

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Keep your eye out for Multiplier Days! Check in on a Multiplier Day and earn double or triple the Status-Level Credits and entries into the monthly and quarterly status-level giveaways.

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AE Player Rewards Members can view their Status-Level Credits, number of entries in the current prize period and quarterly status-level giveaway using the AE Player App or by logging into a profile here

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