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Quarterly status-level giveaway


June's Quarterly Status-Level Giveaway will award eight winners a total of $100,000. Two winners - one from Northern Illinois and one from Southern Illinois - for each Status Level. Plus, two winners from ANY status level will be eligible for a $10,000 trip to Wyoming! Click here to hear what our previous quarterly status-level winners have to say about the giveaway!
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Prize Patrol Header Text


The AE Prize Patrol is hitting the road to give AE Player Rewards members more chances to win big prizes. The AE Prize Patrol will travel across Illinois from April 01 through June 18, visiting 92 Accel locations and giving out $18,400 in extra prizes. Be on the lookout for the AE Prize Patrol visiting a location near you for your chance to win cash prizes, t-shirts, and koozies! Click here to see where the AE Prize Patrol is headed next! 
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May 2022 features four week-long Current Giveaways, a Gold and Silver Status Level Giveaway, and 125 Instant Win Opportunities, totaling $50,000 in prizes and 225 winners! Click here to download May's prize calendar.
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Instant win
Instant Wins are random opportunities for Rewards Members to instantly win a prize upon completing a check in at a location. Prizes range from cash to status-level upgrades. If you receive a status-level upgrade instant win, your status level is automatically awarded so you can start receiving your new benefits instantly!


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Multiplier days



Boost your Status Level and chances of winning when checking in on Multiplier Days. Earn double or even triple the Status-Level Credits and entries into the Current Giveaway AND Quarterly Status-Level Giveaway with each check in!



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