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Quarterly status-level giveaway


June’s Quarterly Status-Level Giveaway will see six lucky winners share a total of $60,000! Two winners - one from Northern Illinois and one from Southern Illinois - for each Status-Level. That’s some serious cash! Click here to hear what previous quarterly status-level winners have to say!

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May 2023 will see 4 Current Giveaway periods, 135 Instant Win Opportunities, exclusive Silver & Gold Status-Level Giveaway – plus a special Gold Gift Giveaway. In total, 1,425 winners will share $90,000 in prizes and status-level upgrades. Not to mention, the AE Prize Patrol is back on the road! Check out the calendar below to see upcoming Prize Patrol visits at Accel locations across Illinois. Click Here to download May’s calendar. Click Here to Download May’s Calendar.



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Status-Level Giveaways are exclusive opportunities designed to reward our most loyal fans - Gold & Silver Status-Level members! Gold & Silver members must check in at least once during the calendar month to be eligible for the $25,000 Gold and Silver giveaway. Plus, Gold members have the opportunity to enter in to a Gold Status-Level Gift Giveaway on May 16! The first 1,200 lucky Gold members will be chosen to win an exclusive prize!


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Instant win

Instant Wins are random opportunities for Rewards Members to instantly win a prize upon completing a check in at a location. Prizes range from cash to status-level upgrades. If you receive a status-level upgrade instant win, your status level is automatically awarded so you can start receiving your new benefits instantly!


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