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Quarterly status-level giveaway


September’s Quarterly Status-Level Giveaway will see six lucky winners share a total of $70,000! Two winners - one from Northern Illinois and one from Southern Illinois - for each Status-Level. That’s lifechanging cash!

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September 2023 will see four Current Giveaway prize periods, 151 Instant Win Opportunities, an exclusive Silver Status Gift Giveaway & an exclusive Gold Status Gift Giveaway– plus the Quarterly Status-Level Giveaway! Nearly 2,000 winners will share $140,000 in prizes and status-level upgrades. Check out the calendar below to see upcoming Prize Patrol visits at Accel locations across Illinois. Click Here to download September’s calendar.



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Status-Level Giveaways are exclusive opportunities designed to reward our most loyal patrons - Gold & Silver Status-Level members! Gold members have the opportunity to enter in to a Gold Status-Level Gift Giveaway on September 5th! The first 1,300 lucky Gold members who check in will be chosen to win a $25 Choose-Your-Own Gift Card! Silver members have the opportunity to enter in to a Silver Status-Level Gift Giveaway on September 18th! The first 500 lucky Silver members who check in between 9am and 12pm will be chosen to win a $20 Kohl’s Gift Card!



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Instant win

Instant Wins are unexpected opportunities for Rewards Members to instantly win a prize upon completing a check in at a location. Prizes range from cash to status-level upgrades. If you receive a status-level upgrade, your status level will automatically upgrade, and you can take advantage of your new benefits instantly! September will have 11 Instant Winners between all Status Levels win $100 each, and 50 Instant Winners between all Status Levels win $200 each!


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