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Quarterly status-level giveaway


March's Quarterly Status-Level Giveaway will award six winners a total of $80,000! Two winners - one from Northern Illinois and one from Southern Illinois - for each Status-Level. That’s a lot of chances to win! Click here to hear what previous quarterly status-level winners have to say!

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February 2023 features four Current Giveaway periods, Gold & Silver Status-Level Giveaways, and 105 Instant Win Opportunities totaling over 1,400+ winners sharing $50,000.  Click here to download February’s prize calendar.



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Status-Level Giveaways are exclusive opportunities designed to reward our most loyal fans - Silver & Gold Status-Level Members! On designated Status-Level Giveaway days, Silver & Gold Status-Level Members are automatically checked in to exclusive giveaways.


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Instant win

Instant Wins are random opportunities for Rewards Members to instantly win a prize upon completing a check in at a location. Prizes range from cash to status-level upgrades. If you receive a status-level upgrade instant win, your status level is automatically awarded so you can start receiving your new benefits instantly!


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