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March’s Quarterly Status-Level Giveaway will see sixteen lucky winners share a total of $100,000 in cash and prizes! Two winners - one from Northern Illinois and one from Southern Illinois – will be chosen from each Status-Level for the Quarterly Status-Level cash giveaway! New this quarter is the addition of the Vegas Trip Giveaway! Ten winners will be chosen from any status-level to win an all-expense paid trip for two to Vegas!

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March 2024 will see four Current Giveaway prize periods and 800+ Instant Win Opportunities. In total, 900 winners will share $170,000 in prizes throughout the month! Click here to download March's calendar.






Spin the Wheel Instant Wins are unexpected opportunities to instantly win a prize upon completing your first check in of the day. Prizes range from cash to gift cards to status-level upgrades! If you receive a status-level upgrade, your status level will automatically upgrade, and you can take advantage of your new benefits instantly! Plus – regular Instant Wins will be randomly scheduled throughout the calendar as well for even more surprise wins!


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