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Million Dollar Giveaway Winners Spotlight

February 6, 2020

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In 2019, Accel Entertainment wowed and delighted our players with the Million Dollar Giveaway. With 978 different Accel locations participating in the sweepstakes, there were over 1.4 million entries made by over 42,000 players by the end of the year. Throughout 2019, Accel gave away over one-half a million dollars in prize money to over 100 lucky winners! While we didn’t get the opportunity to speak with all our giveaway winners, we did talk to a handful about their experiences with the Million Dollar Giveaway.

Colleen P. ­– $1,000 in April 2019

Colleen P. was one of our daily $1,000 winners in April after entering at Benny’s Place in Lynwood, Illinois. Colleen says, “I tell everyone to enter. When I see a person playing that I didn’t see log in, I’ll ask, did you log in? Usually, I hear, ‘Well, no, I don't win anything.’ I tell them, well, I won $1,000 – you can too!”

Lori R. – $1,000 in April 2019

Lori was another one of our daily $1,000 winners in April, and she made her winning entry at Lakes Sports Bar in Island Lake, Illinois. When asked what it meant to her to win this prize, Lori said, “It really meant a lot [because] I had just lost my job not long before that, and it was a treat to go out and be able to play and enter. I did do some fun things and treated some friends that went there with me too.”

David T. ­– $20,000 in May 2019

David T. decided to enter the Million Dollar Giveaway when he became curious about the tablet devices that were present in the different slots locations he visited, including Bonnie’s Dining & Banquets in Willow Springs, Illinois. David ended up winning $20,000 in the Million Dollar Giveaway and now plans on doing something special with the money – though he isn’t quite sure what! See more about this winner here.

Kent H. – $30,000 in June 2019

Kent H. was one of our June winners after he made his winning entry at Fitz’s Irish Bulldog in Villa Park, Illinois. When asked what he planned on doing with his new $30,000, Kent said, “We are down in Florida on vacation with the grandkids and the extra money is providing extra fun. We will make investments for retirement and to our future bucket list, along with donations to some charitable organizations.”

Robin P. – $40,000 in June 2019

Robin P. made her winning entry at Van’s Liquors in East Dubuque, Illinois, and ended up taking home June’s big prize of $40,000. After winning, Robin said, “I was very shocked, excited, and humbled to be honest when I received the phone call. I consider myself blessed and will do what I feel is right with my winnings!” See more about Robin’s big win here.

Angela F. – $10,000 in July 2019

Angela F. became a $10,000 winner after making her winning entry at Floyd’s Place in Oblong, Illinois. A regular video poker player at Floyd’s, Angela decided to enter after she saw a poster about the Million Dollar Giveaway and the prizes that were available to win. Now that she is a big winner, she is excited to buy some new furniture for her house and maybe even save up for a big trip!

Anne C. – $10,000 in July 2019

Anne C. was another big winner in July after entering at Shoreline Boat & Ski in Ottawa, Illinois. After a hard year, Anne says this money did so much to help boost the morale and spirit of her entire family. Anne plans on donating some of her winnings to St. Jude’s charity and giving back.

Virginia W. – $20,000 in September 2019

Virginia W. was our first Instant Winner in the Million Dollar Giveaway! She won $20,000 after making her entry at Slick’s in Watseka, Illinois. Speaking of her experience, Virginia says, “It was a great honor to win, especially in Watseka, Illinois, when others were winning up by Chicago and down by St. Louis … I'm just really overwhelmed by this experience and winning and everything … I have no family [but] the people that come in [Slick’s] are very kind, very nice to me, and they treat me like family.”

Tobithia D. – $25,000 in October 2019

Tobi D. was a big winner in October after making her winning entry at Patio Snack Shop in Galesburg, Illinois. Tobi says, “… Because I didn’t see [that I had won] in my email, my phone rang and she was telling me that I was the first $25,000 winner … and I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ I dropped my phone. I was shaking so bad. Let me tell you it was crazy. It was really needed. I am so grateful.”


In February 2020, Accel Entertainment will host the Million Dollar Giveaway Grand Prize Event for all of our Golden Ticket winners. One winner at the event will go home with a whopping $100,000! Keep up with everything Accel on our social media to see more winners.

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