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Bringing the Fun Home: Four Things to Do While Self-Quarantining

April 9, 2020

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With bars and restaurants closed to the public, and most of the United States on self-quarantine, the reality of the coronavirus pandemic is starting to set in. Typical opportunities to spend time with friends and family relaxing and having fun might be limited, but that doesn’t mean that party has to stop! Here are four ideas to help you get through the COVID-19 shutdown.  

Make a Party Playlist

We all know that a great playlist can take a night out at the bar or a house party from boring to BOMB in no time! Take some time to put together a playlist of some new hits and oldies but goodies. A good playlist is great to play at home, whether it’s on in the background while you work, or is just the thing to set the mood for a fun night in. While you are home, be sure to download the TouchTunes app and upload your playlist so that you can show your friends your awesome jams when you’re all back together again.  

Play Your Favorite Bar Game

Bring some of the fun of the bar home with some games! In recent years we have seen more and more establishments add games for their patrons to enjoy, and most of these games are ones you probably have in your own home! Gather everyone in your home for a round of Jenga or Trivial Pursuit for a night of a little competition and fun.

Stir Up Some Fancy Cocktails

Stress levels can be running high right now, and some quarantinis might be just the thing to help ease some tension. There are some awesome easy recipes online to help you use up some items you have in your liquor cabinet. There is even a website where you type in the ingredients you have, and it will give you a recipe to follow to make a delicious drink!

Host a Virtual Happy Hour

If you are missing friends and co-workers, consider hosting a virtual happy hour. It’s a fun (and free!) way to lift spirits and connect with those you care about in this time of social distancing. Platforms like Google, Facebook, and Skype all allow you to host video meetings with friends and colleagues for free. Pick a platform that everyone is the most familiar with and set up a time to meet.

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