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The Mind Blowing Giveaway is Nearly Here

January 28, 2020

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2019 was a big year for Accel Entertainment and our players, thanks to the Million Dollar Giveaway. So what is Accel bringing to players in 2020? Our new Mind Blowing Giveaway!

Starting February 1, 2020, individuals will have the chance to enter for some seriously awesome prizes at participating Accel Entertainment locations. While we gave away some pretty great prizes in the Million Dollar Giveaway, this time we are changing things up by having the prizes be voted on and chosen by the public. Every month, individuals will get the chance to help decide the following month’s prizes through an interactive voting system hosted on Accel Entertainment’s social media and aeplayer.com. Individuals will be able to choose from available prize themes each month, including sporting events, travel opportunities, home renovations and paying down bills. No matter what the theme is, every grand prize will be valued at approximately $20,000 for each winner!

There are also more exciting changes coming to our finalist selection process. Unlike in the Million Dollar Giveaway, every participating location will have a randomly selected finalist that will be entered into the running for that month’s grand prize. Plus, there will be one winner chosen from both northern and southern Illinois to receive that month’s life-changing prize — so two big winners every month!

Some of our favorite things are returning from the Million Dollar Giveaway, including our Instant Wins. Every month of the Mind Blowing Giveaway, there will be multiple opportunities for players to receive an Instant Win prize. Also returning in the Mind Blowing Giveaway are multiplier days and multiplier happy hours to increase entrants’ chances of winning in the giveaway. Individuals can check out this month’s Mind Blowing Giveaway prize calendar now.

Over 42,000 individuals participated in our Million Dollar Giveaway last year, and we had over 1.4 million entries in total. This year, we want to focus on our entrants and provide life-changing prizes through our Mind Blowing Giveaway. Individuals can begin entering at participating locations on February 1 to try and win the first big prize.

Are you excited about the Mind Blowing Giveaway? What life-changing prize would you like to win from us?

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