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Location Feature: Patio Snack Shop

March 10, 2020

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We’re always on the hunt for gaming establishments that attract players by providing a positive experience for customers. We are thrilled to feature Patio Snack Shop in Galesburg, our partner location and Million Dollar Giveaway lucky location.

Starting as a small Chicago-style hot dog stand many years ago, Patio Snack Shop has grown to be a spot for locals to hang out, grab a bite to eat, play some slots, and spend time with friends who have become family. Both employees and patrons say that the dedicated group of regulars makes their location stand out from the rest, and they are always willing to welcome newcomers and old-timers alike with open arms.

Patio Snack Shop says that partnering with Accel Entertainment has made a huge difference in their business, and they think the good variety of machines and pristine service has helped improve their player experience. Plus, with the support of their dedicated Relationship Manager and Accel’s top-of-the-line service team, joining promotions like the Million Dollar Giveaway was a no-brainer to help increase patron foot traffic.

Since the Million Dollar Giveaway started in February 2019, Patio Snack Shop has been proud to offer the giveaway to their patrons. They said the opportunity has brought in new customers and kept existing ones coming back. In October 2019, Patio Snack Shop found out they had a $25,000 Million Dollar Giveaway winner — Tobi D. — come from their location.

We sat down with Tobi D., and she said that winning has been “such a blessing.” She enjoys going to the Patio Snack Shop because “it is all about family in here — there’s no drama, there’s no chaos, no fighting … they’re good people.” Tobi D. said she has been so grateful to be a winner in the Million Dollar Giveaway, and she’s “telling everybody it’s for real … I can testify that it’s real money.”

Family and friends of Tobi D. at the Patio Snack Shop are happy for her, as well. They said they couldn’t believe it and have been telling everyone they had a $25,000 winner come from their location.

Do you want to be featured on The Winning Ticket? Reach out to us at hello@accelentertainment.com and let us know what makes your business stand out!

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