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Game Guide: Zodiac Lion

April 5, 2023

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Forget being king of the jungle and instead become king of the cosmos in the hit slot game from the folks at IGT, Zodiac Lion.

The Details & Base Game Play

Zodiac Lion is a 4-5-4-5-4 reel slot game that plays left-to-right. There are 50 pay lines, with a minimum bet of $0.60 and a maximum allowable bet of $2.40. However, with the Zodiac Wheel feature, both the minimum and maximum bets for Zodiac Lion increase to $1.00 and $4.00, respectively.

Following the reel spin during game play, a Lion icon may appear in any position and lock that location for the next spin. Locked frames are saved separately for each bet, remain on the machine when cashing out, and will carry over into the bonus round. Should a Lion icon appear in a spot that is already locked, then the frame over the position disappears and transforms into a Wild symbol - in addition to any locked positions found on adjacent spaces. These Wild symbols give players more opportunities to earn winning combinations and receive a larger payout, however, the locked frame will disappear after becoming Wild.   

Just as the Lion symbol relates to one of the twelve Zodiac signs by depicting the sign Leo, the other icons in Zodiac Lion similarly represent the other eleven astrology signs. 

The symbols in this slot game are: 

  • Virgo: A young, blonde woman 
  • Aquarius: An old man with a white beard 
  • Taurus: A bull 
  • Aries: Ram
  • Pisces: Two golden fish 
  • Libra: A scale
  • Sagittarius: A golden bow and arrow 
  • Scorpio: Scorpion 
  • Cancer: Crab 
  • Gemini: Two heads, face-to-face 
  • Capricorn: A half-goat, half-sea serpent 


Lion Spin Bonus

This bonus feature can be activated during the reel spin of any base game. The Lion Spin Bonus is triggered when a Lion Spin icon appears in any 3 or more positions surrounded by a golden frame. Players will be awarded one spin for each Lion Spin symbol that lands on a locked space.

Before each fever spin, a special zodiac wheel will spin and land on a number between 3 and 22. This number corresponds to the number of Lion icons that will appear for that particular spin - the higher the number, the higher the potential payout! The Lion Spin Bonus will end after all spins have been played.

Zodiac Wheel Feature

When activated, during the reel spin of any base game, between 1 and 22 golden frames may appear over any position on the reels - locking them until they are transformed into a Wild spot. This feature will occur more often when an optional side wager is placed, although it is possible to trigger the Zodiac Wheel even when a side wager is not placed. Keep in mind that pressing either the “Zodiac Wheel Activated” or “Zodiac Wheel Deactivated” button will either activate or deactivate the more frequent Zodiac Wheel feature, depending on which option you choose.

Find out how lucky your star sign is, play Zodiac Lion today!

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