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Game Guide: Tawa the Sun Spirit

November 3, 2021

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Our latest Game Guide on the AE Player Insider is focused on a title from IGT — Tawa the Sun Spirit

You wake up surrounded by miles and miles of arid desert. Bright light washes over you as the sun begins to peek over the horizon. However, this sun feels strange. It’s brighter and more powerful than ever before. It’s Tawa the Sun Spirit! The brightest game brought to you by the folks at IGT.

Tawa the Sun Spirit is a five-reel slot game with 27 paylines. Each credit is worth 1 cent and the maximum win per wager is set at $1,000. The symbols in Tawa the Sun Spirit are southwestern Native American symbols — a Kokopelli, kachina, eagle, woman, man, lizard, cactus, piece of pottery, hand and the rising sun. All pays must be on an adjacent active payline and can be read from left to right or right to left. Only the highest of a kind will be paid, and line pays are multiplied by the number of credits bet on the payline.


Now let’s “shed a bit of light” (ha ha) on the bonus features!


Tawa Fever Games

If you roll three rising suns anywhere on the five reels, you’ll activate the Fever Games feature! Fever Games are much like the original base game, however, the values for the symbols are multiplied by five! But this all depends on your initial bet. You can also win Fever Games while playing Fever Games! Up to 899 can be stacked! That’s a lot of chances to win it big with those multipliers!

Residual Credit Bonus

As soon as you go under the minimum bet amount, Tawa will give you a chance to spin one more time in exchange for your remaining credits. It’s sort of like a discount spin to put you back in the game! Tawa’s a very generous spirit.


Tawa the Sun Spirit puts you in the middle of an oasis in the desert. Even though you’re surrounded by sand, you’re in a place full of fruit, water, and most importantly, treasure!New call-to-action

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