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Game Guide: Spin For Cash Deluxe

October 20, 2021

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Our latest Game Guide on the AE Player Insider is focused on a title from Bally — Spin For Cash Deluxe

Welcome to Spin for Cash Deluxe! This is your nostalgic trip back to the good ol’ days!

Spin for Cash Deluxe is a three-reel slot game with 25 paylines, making your odds of winning 1 in 2.91! Each credit is worth 1 cent and the maximum win per wager is set at $1,000. The symbols in Spin for Cash Deluxe are common slot symbols like a wild, 7, money bag, BAR symbol with a “5” in front of it, regular BAR, and money sign. All pays must be on an adjacent active payline and read from left to right or right to left. Only the highest of a kind will be paid, and line pays are multiplied by the number of credits bet on the payline.

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Now it’s time to lay out the bonus features!

Hot Spins

You can begin the Hot Spins Feature by winning them on the wheel. You automatically get 12 Hot Spins as soon as you land on the bonus on the wheel! Hot Spins are free spins that use the bet you initially used to win. The kicker is the bet is on all lines instead of just one! This all ends when you run out of Hot Spins, so cross your fingers!

Money Bag

To trigger this bonus, you’ll need to spin three money bag symbols anywhere on the reels. As soon as you do this, you’ll see a separate screen showing three bags. Choose one to get between 3-50 credits multiplied by your line bet. Now there’s your chance to win a bit of extra money!

Max Bet Edge

This one is simple. If you’re betting the maximum, any win over $200 is automatically brought up to $500! Insanity!

Action Games

The Action Games Bonus is triggered by certain combinations that are shown on the pay screen. Action Games happen on a separate wheel screen. Spin the wheel and you can land on the “6 Action Games” to be able to spin the wheel six more times, the cash prize spot, or the red jewel meaning “no win.”

Wager Saver

The Wager Saver happens when you are below the minimum amount to spin, but Spin for Cash Deluxe gives you one more chance in exchange for the rest of the money you have in the machine — a sort of saving grace — so you can get right back into winning those credits!


Spin for Cash Deluxe brings you back to a classic casino — cigar smoke, billiards and poker tables. What’s better than that? Have you tried Spin for Cash Deluxe?  Let us know in the comments below!

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