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Game Guide: Snow Leopard

December 17, 2019

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Because we are finally ready to embrace the cold beauty of the snowy season, Snow Leopard is this month’s featured game for AE Player. Want to learn a little bit about this intriguing slot game? Keep reading to find out more.

Snow Leopard is a six-reel slot with four rows and 80 pay lines made by legendary slot manufacturers WMS and Scientific Gaming. The higher-value symbols are the winter warrior, brown leopard, squirrel, and rabbit. Meanwhile, the lower-value symbols include the 9, 10, Jack, Queen and King. The face of the elusive snow leopard, symbolizing a wild tile and the paw print symbol, will trigger bonus spins. During every round of standard gameplay, one reel will always be completely wild.

If you get three or more paw print symbols, you will activate prime bonus spins. Bonus spins are spins that are free to bet on. If you get three paw print symbols, you will receive eight free spins. If you get four paw print symbols, you will receive 10 free spins. And if you receive five paw prints, you will receive 20 free spins. During the Prime Spin Bonus, the reel is transformed into a Wild Stack on the triggering spin and remains wild for the duration of the bonus round. This may seem too good to be true but remember – at least one reel will be entirely devoted to the snow leopard wild symbol. But unfortunately, because the snow leopard wild symbol can replace any symbol except the paw print symbol, that makes high amounts of bonus spins significantly harder to achieve.

A lot of the fun of Snow Leopard comes from the beautiful artwork and graphics that surround this fantastic slot game. Behind the reels sits a beautiful landscape of snowy mountains and wide valleys. Plus, each of the icons in the game are realistic, but still have a touch of fantasy to them, making it hard to keep your eyes off this game.

This winter, AE Player is sitting down with a warm drink and experiencing the winter wonderland fantasy that is WMS and Scientific Gaming’s Snow Leopard. The Prime Spin Bonus feature and the mystical graphics keep us coming back time and time again to this wintry classic slot!

Every month, the AE Player Insider publishes a new Game Guide, featuring some of our favorites in the Illinois video gaming market. Want to see your favorite game featured in a future Game Guide? Let us know what game we should check out next in the comments below.

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