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Game Guide: Rocky

May 24, 2023

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Ding, ding! The Italian Stallion has chosen his next opponent … and it’s you! Step into the ring in the hit slot game based on everyone’s favorite underdog, Rocky.

The Details 

Rocky is a 5-reel, 3-row slot game that plays left-to-right. There are 25 pay lines and two super fun minigames. One of the coolest parts about Rocky, the slot game, is that during game play, scenes from the Rocky movie franchise will play - giving you the extra motivation you need to secure your big wins!

The symbols in Rocky are:

  • Rocky Balboa
  • Apollo Creed
  • Clubber Lang
  • Ivan Drago
  • Adrian
  • Mickey
  • Paulie
  • Rocky Name Icon
  • Wild Punching Bag Icon
  • Red Boxing Gloves
  • Blue Boxing Gloves
  • White Boxing Gloves
  • Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10

Rocky Prime Spins

When three or more Rocky Name Icons appear, the player enters the ‘Rocky Prime Spins’ feature of the game. In this feature, players are given a number of spins ranging from 10 to 30 which are heavily discounted to minimize the risk that players undertake.

One special and important part of this minigame is how the Wild Punching Bag icon works. When this symbol appears during ‘Rocky Prime Spins’, players have the opportunity to both hit on multiple pay lines and to nudge the symbol in order to hit on a pay line. This adds a whole new element of strategy to the game while also giving the player more chances to win!

The Main Event

The ‘Main Event’ is a minigame in Rocky that is triggered when six or more boxing glove symbols (of any color) appear. During the course of the minigame, it is the player’s goal to fill up the entire reel with boxing glove icons, which lock in place after appearing. Players have unlimited spins, but the minigame is completed once the reel contains only boxing glove icons. Be careful however, as all boxing gloves are not created equal: 

Red Boxing Gloves: Red boxing glove icons award points to the player. The more red boxing gloves on the screen at the end of the ‘Main Event’, the more winnings for the player. Some red boxing gloves’ point values will be higher than others.

Blue Boxing Gloves: Blue boxing glove symbols offer only negative value to the player. When a blue boxing glove appears, the player is awarded no points and that space is now locked by the icon.

White Boxing Gloves: The white boxing glove icons are what really make this minigame fun! These symbols activate the ‘Knock Out’ part of this minigame wherein all spaces locked by blue punching gloves prior to the spin are opened. This gives the player the opportunity to score even more red boxing glove icons and increase their winnings!

Can you go the distance? Play Rocky today!

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