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Game Guide: Ghostbusters

November 23, 2022

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When ghosts are invading the world, who ya gonna call?

Ghostbusters is a 5-reel, 25-line game with a max bet of $4.00. Winning combinations must be on consecutive reels and begin on the first reel.

Main Game Features:

After the reel spin of any main game that doesn’t trigger the Bonus Wheel, Slimer may appear and trigger the Slimer Wild Feature. If triggered, 3 or more symbols are transformed into WILD. Wins are evaluated after all transformations are complete.

After the reel spin of any main game in which there are no winning combinations, the Ecto-1 may appear and trigger the Ecto-1 Symbol Swap Feature. If triggered, all symbols appearing on the reels are replaced with new line paying symbols.

Bonus Wheel:

BONUS in any position on reels 2,3, and 4 triggers the wheel bonus. Touch the Push button or Play buttons to spin the wheel. After the wheel stops, a bonus is triggered depending on where it stops.

Fever Spins Bonus:

During this bonus, 10 or 15 Fever Spins are awarded. During each Fever Spin, 1 or more WILD may appear over any symbol position and lock for the remainder of the Fever Spins. Each Fever Spin costs 1 penny to play.

Psychic Bonus:

During this bonus you will pick the bubble with the symbol you think will appear on the card about to be revealed to you.

If you guess correctly, the Psychic Meter indicates GO and you will move up one level on the Psychic Meter and pick another bubble. The credit value on the Psychic level meter is awarded from the farthest level you reach with correct guesses.

If your guess is incorrect, the Psychic Meter decides whether the bonus will end or continue.

The Psychic Level Meter award values range from 5x Total Bet to 250x Total Bet.

Are you ready to save the world from ghosts? Pick up your proton pack and join the team, you’re now a part of Ghostbusters!

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