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Game Guide: Fruit Runner

September 6, 2023

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Welcome to Fruit Runner, an exciting slot game sure to give your favorite slot games a run for their money! Every fruit you can think of is featured in this game including grapes, cherries, oranges, watermelons, and more!

Game Modes

  • The normal reel game.
  • Fever Games (FG): are triggered by one or more symbol combinations as indicated on the pay table. In the case of Fruit Runner, that would mean three identical star symbols on a bonus line. The cost of each Fever Game is one penny. During Fever Games, the reel strips may be different than in the normal reel game.
  • Action Games (AG): Action Stars (AS) are awarded by one or more symbol combinations as indicated on the paytable. Win up to $10, depending on the number of Action Stars with one spin! All pending Fever Games are played before any pending Action Games.

Action Games

Action Stars (AS) are awarded as indicated on the pay table and are collected on the Action Stars meter. Whenever Action Stars are collected, paying one penny starts a new game that converts up to 10 Action Stars into one spin on the Action Game wheel. A run on the Action Game wheel has one of three possible outcomes: cash prize, additional Action Stars, or non-winning blank. Results of the Action Games are determined randomly. The probabilities of the stops may be different than their graphical representation.

Residual Credit Feature

When the credit meter is less than the minimum bet, the special RESIDUAL CREDIT FEATURE starts. Pressing the CREDIT GAMBLE button wagers the remaining credits and starts the RESIDUAL CREDIT FEATURE game. If the RESIDUAL CREDIT FEATURE game was won, you are awarded credits to play a base game at a minimum bet. Pressing the MENU button stops the RESIDUAL CREDIT FEATURE game and returns to the game selection screen.

Will you be able to keep up with Fruit Runner? Give it a try today and find out!

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