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Game Guide: Frost & Fire

May 10, 2023

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Welcome to the hit slot game Frost & Fire, the only game where you need a parka and a swimsuit! Will your luck run hot or cold?

The Details

Frost & Fire is a 5-reel slot game that plays left-to-right. There are 243 win combinations and all bets qualify! Multi-way winning combos are paid if three or more identical symbols appear on consecutive reels starting on the leftmost reel, excluding the Sunshine or Frost Bonus icons. Each winning combination will award a multiplier of the current total bet that is located above the reels. All players have a 1 in 2.7623 chance of winning. The minimum bet allowed is $0.50 while the maximum allowable bet is $4.00.

The symbols in Frost & Fire consist of the Sunshine and Frost Bonus icons, a crown, an anchor, a bar icon, and different kinds of fruits associated with summertime.

The Sunshine Bonus

Frost & Fire’s Sunshine Bonus is a super fun feature that can reward the player for how long they play. Located at the top of the screen is the Sunshine Bonus tally board; when a Sun icon appears during game play, its reel position will be marked on the tally board while the Sunshine Bonus Pot will be increased by the current total bet. Players can win the bonus pot by filling up all 15 positions on the tally board or when a Sun symbol appears that increases the bonus pot value above $191.00. Once the Sunshine Bonus Pot is awarded, the value will be reset to $0.00 and the tally board will be emptied.

The Frost Bonus

This bonus minigame is unlocked when 3 or more Frost icons appear on adjacent reels. The Frost Bonus Round is played on a 9 row by 5 column grid composed entirely of Frost symbols and blank spaces. The goal is to unfreeze certain rows by landing Frost icons on certain parts of the grid. The number of spins a player receives is determined by the number of Frost icons which appeared to trigger the mini game and the number will be reset every time the icon appears. When certain rows are unfrozen, players will be awarded a treasure chest that will boost their winnings. The total bonus is won when all 45 reels are filled with Frost symbols and the player’s winnings will automatically increase to 250x the triggering wager!

Xtra Pay Feature

Wins in the range of 5 times the total bet and $119.90 may randomly be multiplied by the Xtra Pay Feature. When this feature is awarded, players’ total wins will be multiplied by 2x - 10x. This feature can become more frequent as the total bet is increased.

Play Frost & Fire today!

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