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Game Guide: Diamond Blast

March 15, 2023

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Grab your hard hat and your pickaxe, we’re digging for diamonds in the hit slot game, Diamond Blast. What will you unearth?

The Details

Diamond Blast is a 3 x 5 slot game that plays on a layout that can expand into a 6 x 5 matrix. Depending on how many matrix spaces are open there can be anywhere between 243 and 7776 ways to win! The minimum allowable bet is $0.50 while the maximum is $4.00.

One of the cooler aspects of Diamond Blast is the expandable matrix the game is played on. The game begins on a 3x5 matrix, and each additional space can be unlocked one at a time, left-to-right. Each new space is unlocked by a special Pickaxe symbol that can appear on reels 2, 3, and/or 4. The expanded spaces can dramatically increase the player’s chances of spinning winning combinations and they add a lot of excitement to the game.

The matrix will stay expanded until a special TNT symbol appears. This symbol causes a blast that resets the matrix, but it will also give you bonus winnings based on how many spaces were unlocked prior to the TNT appearing.

Diamond Respin Bonus

This bonus is unlocked when six or more Diamond symbols land in any exposed spaces on reels 2, 3, or 4. During this bonus game play, players will use a certain number of spins to try to collect as many Diamond symbols as possible. Each diamond that appears will be locked in place for the duration of this minigame, and every time the player collects extra diamonds, their respin counter will increase by 1.

Throughout the course of this minigame:

  • If 10 Diamonds are collected:
    • Player wins the Mini Jackpot, and the 3rd row becomes exposed if it is not already
  • If 15 Diamonds are collected:
    • Player wins the Minor Jackpot, and the 2nd row becomes exposed if it is not already
  • If 20 Diamonds are collected:
    • Player wins the Major Jackpot, and the 1st row becomes exposed if it is not already
  • If 30 Diamonds are collected:
    • Players wins the Jackpot

Players' winnings accumulate during this minigame; this means that if 15 Diamonds are collected, the player would win both the Mini and the Minor Jackpots.

It’s time to stop digging for gold and start digging for jewels. Play Diamond Blast today!


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