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Game Guide: Country Girl

September 8, 2020

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Country Girl from Scientific Games is the first slot game that we want to highlight in September. Country Girl is a favorite among our Accel Entertainment players due to its engaging graphics and fun music. If you’ve never played Country Girl before, check out this brief overview to get acquainted with it.

Country Girl is a five-reel slot game with four rows and 40 active pay lines. The high-value symbols are the blonde Country Girl, a Horse, a Horse Rider, a Tequila Shot, a pair of Cowgirl Boots and a Cowgirl Hat. Lower-value symbols are the traditional Ace, King, Queen and Jack symbols found in many slot games. Country Girl also features a handful of special symbols like the WILD Pink Guitar symbol, the MYSTERY Blue Jeans Pocket symbol, the BONUS Blue Country Girl, the BONUS Purple Country Girl and a WILD Country Girl symbol.

Country Girl features random mystery positions on its reels that will get replaced with any possible symbol, enhancing your chances to win! But the big feature of Country Girl is the Hot Spins feature, where even a tiny bet can net you big wins. The Hot Spins feature is triggered by the appearance of five or more sassy Blue Country Girl or Purple Country Girl symbols on adjacent reels. Depending on how many Country Girl symbols are across your screen, you can receive up to 80 Hot Spins!

Country Girl also utilizes the Max Bet Edge feature that is found across many Scientific Games slot games. The Max Bet Edge feature is only enabled if the game is played at the max bet. Then, for any spin where the total win is greater than or equal to $200, the win is increased to $500!

Country Girl is an early autumn favorite of AE Player. The engaging graphics and music remind us of the Wild West and all the fun it brings. Have you ever played Country Girl before? What are some of your favorite slot games to play?

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