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Game Guide: Celestial King

August 13, 2020

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Celestial King by Bally is AE Player’s current featured game. This engaging masterpiece is filled with lucky symbols, enchanting graphics and charming animations of the Celestial King himself! Learn more about all the features and facets to Bally’s Celestial King below.

Celestial King is a 30 pay line, 5x3 reel slot game, with four different opportunities for Jackpots – the Mini Jackpot, the Minor Jackpot, the Major Jackpot, and the Grand Jackpot. In the base game for Celestial King, there are a variety of charmingly designed symbols. The higher-paying symbols include an enchanting Celestial Queen, a jovial pig and a bejeweled token. Some of the lower-paying symbols include a stack of golden coins, a lotus flower, and the alphabetic symbols A, K, Q, and J. There is also a symbol of the monkey Celestial King, which can be used for a wild symbol. And a symbol of a decorated dragon, which is used to trigger the Hot Spin Feature.

Celestial King’s Hot Spin Feature is triggered when a player lands three or more scattered dragon symbols. At the beginning of the Hot Spin Feature, eight Hot Spins are awarded to the player. Hot Spin bets are equal to a single line bet of the initiating spin, but pay out as if betting on all lines. During the Hot Spin Feature, three or more scattered dragon symbols will award the player eight more Hot Spins. Keep in mind, the reels in the Hot Spin Feature differ from the base game reels though the winning combinations are the same.

Another exciting feature of Celestial King is the Respin Bonus Feature. This bonus feature is triggered when the player lands five or more scattered blue symbols with golden dollar signs. The Celestial King Respin Bonus Feature is played with a feature bet of only one credit. Once the feature has been triggered, some of the scattered blue symbols will lose their dollar signs and instead be replaced with credit values of one to seven times the total bet! Much like the Hot Spin Feature, the reels in the Celestial King Respin Bonus Feature differ from the reels presented in the base game of Celestial King. The player begins the feature with three free spins and ends when there are no more spins remaining, at which point the sum of credits shown on all locked blue symbols will be awarded.

Bally’s Celestial King is a favorite of AE Player’s for many reasons. The engaging bonus features and jackpot opportunities make this game a winning combination, but what really seals the deal is the charming animations and graphics that are present in the game.

Have you played Celestial King before? What game would you like to see us write about next? Let us know in the comments below.

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