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Common Myths About Slot Jackpots

June 16, 2021

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Let’s talk about myths. You hear them all the time. Whether it’s about the Ancient Greeks or (kids close your eyes) a plump-bearded fellow sliding down chimneys in the winter, they’re in every culture around the world.

However, let’s discuss some of the myths concerning the slot machines in your town — yes, the machines found in restaurants, pubs, rest stops, bars and any fun-worthy establishment near you.

Everybody thinks they have a “trick” to their favorite machine — whether it be to insert their money a certain way, pulling the lever every minute on the dime, rubbing their lucky rabbit’s foot, or even waiting for that special symbol to show up on the reels hinting that a big win is a comin’. Well, we’re here to burst that bubble.

Breaking Down The Myths

Let’s get a few things straight:

  1. No modern machine has any tells, tricks, due dates, magic or a favorite player it wants to give all the money to.

  2. One machine can be a winner 10 times in a row, while the other hasn’t won all day! Those are just the way the odds work.

  3. There isn’t a dial the attendant can crank to increase the odds, nor do they have any secret codes for the machines.

  4. The symbols moving at blinding speed aren’t telling you anything but to press the button. You cannot predict what symbol is going to be next because there’s nothing to tell you!

Truths to Be Told

  1. These are machines with an RNG (random number generator) and a computer inside — done deal, end of story. In the old days when the reels were physical, sure, you could maybe predict what one of the symbols on the reels was going to be, but this took a lot of time and effort. Nowadays, the reels are just digital LED screens.

  2. This may come as a shock to you and, for many, it might break your heart. “But what about my lucky half-penny?” I am truly sorry but these machines are run by computers and powered with electricity, not with magic or luck.

  3. Since it’s a computer, nobody can ever predict what the results will be. That’s just how the cookie crumbles.

    Whether you’ll listen to me or not, that’s your choice. However, for the ones who will listen, I hope I’ve soothed your nerves knowing that nobody has the upper-hand in slots. That’s what makes slots beautiful and, at times, a little crazy.


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