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AE Player Rewards First Quarter Wrap Up

July 14, 2021

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That went fast! One quarter down and a ton to look back on. First, let’s go over the highlights:

Multiplier Days

Throughout these past few months, we’ve had LOADS of 2X and 3X Multiplier Days! You all loved these so much we’ve decided to have them indefinitely! This quarter expect many more Multiplier Days to rack up those entries. Check out our calendar HERE to see what happens when.

Instant Wins

These were pretty cool, right? A chance to instantly win $200? Yes, please! We had tons of people instantly win at their favorite location. If you didn’t win this past quarter, you will have plenty of chances this time around, including some new and improved prizes as well! Check out last quarter’s winners HERE!

Monthly Giveaways

We had a new giveaway every month last quarter! We had 142 participants split a huge cash prize of $50,000!

Quarter Status-Level Giveaway

Now, this was the big one! A huge giveaway held every quarter. The last one ended in June so that’s long gone … but don’t lose hope! We have two more this year — two more chances to win HUGE cash prizes (along with all the other prize opportunities scattered throughout the year).

The Quarterly Status-Level Winners!

Member Status-Level Winners - 

Sherri B. won $5,000 by entering at Molly's Deli

Jessie H. won $5,000 by entering at White Oak Tap


Silver Status-Level Winners - 

Kelly F. won $15,000 at Lucky Slots

Tyler D. won $15,000 at Paula's Landing

Gold Status-Level Winners - 

Anthony S. won $30,000 at Lucky Mustangs

Terri F. won $30,000 at The Corner Keg Pub


And That's That!

Phew, that was a lot. And there’s only more to come! Thanks to all of you we can keep coming with the huge prizes and membership rewards. 

Download our new and improved AE Player app to experience more with AE Player Rewards! Check in at all Accel locations — even if they don’t have a kiosk! Click here to download!

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