In 2019, Accel Entertainment hosted the Million Dollar Giveaway in partnership with our participating locations. Over the course of the year, we gave away almost a half-million dollars in prize money to over 100 lucky winners! With 978 locations participating and over 42,000 players entered, by December 2019 there were over 1.4 million entries made! Some of our biggest prize packages had people winning $40,000, $50,000, and $100,000!
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Every month, AE gave out a number of Golden Tickets to random lucky winners who entered in the Million Dollar Giveaway. These winners had the chance to attend Accel Entertainment's Million Dollar Giveaway Grand Prize Event held in early 2020. Everyone who attended won a cash prize, and one lucky Grand Prize winner won $100,000!

Golden Ticket Winner Cathy Miller
Golden Ticket VFW Winner Sherry Morse


Every month, Accel Entertainment gave away numerous cash prizes ranging everywhere from $1,000 to $40,000! Monthly winners were chosen from all players who entered throughout the month and Instant Winners were randomly selected throughout the month. Check out some of highlighted winners from the year below!

Instant Win Gold Token

Robin P.
entered at Van's Liquors

“I’m a special education teacher and I reside here in East Dubuque, IL.  I have a husband and a dog and I’m excited that I won the money! I entered the giveaway because I love contests. I’ve been coming into Van’s since I [started living] here [about] 12 years ago. I always enter anything he has!”

September Touchtunes TV Graphics_1920x1080-Instant Winner Virginia

Instant Winners
30 Winners, $72,000

Starting in September 2019, players started walking into our partner establishments and walking out as instant winners. In four months, Accel gave away $72,000 between 30 lucky instant winners. Instant Wins were so well received that we have continued them in future giveaways. Visit our current  giveaway today to see how you can become an instant winner.  

Virginia W.
entered at Slick's in Watseka

“I'm just really overwhelmed by this experience and winning and everything. I just, very, very happy and it's quite happiness because I have no family. And Slick's, the people that come in here are very kind, very nice to me, and they treat me like a family, so I enjoy every day coming here. Thank you.”

Tobithia D.
entered at Patio Snack Shop in Galesburg

"I was at home when the phone rung and because I didn't see it on my email and my phone rung and she was telling me that I was the first $25,000 winner. . . and I was like, "Oh my God!" And I dropped my phone, I was shaking so bad. Let me tell you, it was crazy. It was real needed. I am so grateful."


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