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The Cooler - 1SM

The Cooler

Much of the support for The Cooler’s darts ventures comes from one of Accel Entertainment’s dedicated Darts Coordinators, Michael Albano. Speaking of the close relationship The Cooler shares with its Darts Coordinator, Rene remarks “Mike is really good. Mike, just about two or three times a week, he'll send a text to everybody and say, “Good morning. I hope you guys have a good night tonight. Unless you're playing me, good luck.”

“We like Accel because anytime we call with any kind of problem that we have, they’re here within an hour to fix our problem. As far as the company, the people that I work with, they’re top notch. So, if you don’t join Accel, you’re missing out!”

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My Place

Accel Entertainment’s darts community thrives in part due to our top-of-the-line darts equipment. Accel amusements allows for both online and state-wide play. We can provide G3 dart boards to locations that have the space and desire for darts players and tournaments. Some of these boards can network so teams can compete virtually across the state or even globally. This can encourage dart play even at locations that do not have enough players (right now!) for in-house tournaments.

“I would say anybody who opens a new bar who or anybody who wants to change the operator, they should contact Accel. They are a really good team. They help you out, all the way from application to the installation. And they maintain the equipment really well.”

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My Place SM

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