Jeep-a-Week Giveaway!

 8 week giveaway of Jeeps plus $6,400 in additional cash prizes!

Jeep Winner Spotlight

Nicole K. entered at McLeansboro Elks Lodge #1882

“Winning the Jeep has been such a blessing!  I have two teenagers that will start driving, one in less than a year. We were going to be in the market for 2 cars before long. Our current vehicles were getting up in age and miles so this was PERFECT timing for us! And what a wonderful gift right before Christmas! Thank you, Accel Entertainment and Jack Phelan Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep for this WONDERFUL giveaway!”

Jeep Renegade Sport Winner
2018 AE Sweeps Jeep a Week JAW Logo

Jeep-a-Week Overview

From October-December 2018, Accel Entertainment sponsored a Jeep-a-Week Giveaway in conjunction with our partner locations. It was a two-month long sweepstakes promotion in which every week 3 entrants from across the state won 1 of 3 prizes including $300, $500 and a 2018 Jeep Renegade Sport.

Jeep Winner Spotlight

Gerry S. entered at Coupe's Bar & Grill in Lee

Gerry on why he entered in the Jeep-a-Week Giveaway: "I live right next to [Coupe's Bar & Grill] and the bar owner, Julie, thought I was pretty lucky... so she told me I should do it. I never thought it would happen, but here it is!"


Jeep-a-Week Winner Week 2

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