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We believe in focusing on our most important assets. . . our players

History of Accel Entertainment

Accel Entertainment is the nation's largest Terminal Operator of route video gaming. We were granted our Illinois Terminal Operator license by the Illinois Gaming Board on March 15, 2012 and have hit the ground running ever since, now doing business in multiple states across the country and operating more video gaming terminals than most Las Vegas casinos!

The founders of Accel were business professionals who saw an opportunity for success in the Illinois gaming market. They brought friends and family together to form a company that would focus on developing mutually successful relationships with their customers.

Our relationships with our customers and players are at the center of everything we do as a company. Accordingly, we believe in taking good care of our customers and providing unparalleled service. In addition, we believe in creating the best possible playing experience for our players. Whether this means keeping our machines clean, our games updated, and providing 24/7 technical support or running one of our very popular sweepstakes promotions - like the Mind Blowing Giveaway!

Learn more about Accel Entertainment on our main site accelentertainment.com

What Sets AE Above the Rest

What makes Accel Entertainment different from our competition? Our innovation and dedication to making the player experience worthwhile. 

Accel is proud to offer some of the industry's best player initiatives - including the $50,000 Summer Sweepstakes, the Jeep-a-Week Giveaway, and the Million Dollar Giveaway. In addition to our top of the line promotions, we are also best in class at player communications. One of our newest programs, the AE Street Team, is focused around bringing players together and spreading awareness of our various promotions and giveaways. 

What makes Accel different isn't limited to our players, we also strive to foster mutually beneficial business relationships with our partner locations. Check out some of our featured Accel locations on our blog!

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