About the Mind Blowing Giveaway


What is Accel's Mind Blowing Giveaway?

The Mind Blowing Giveaway is Accel Entertainment's life-changing promotion for 2020.

Each month prizes will be chosen by our participants through voting on Social Media and AEPlayer.com to be featured as the next prize! These featured prizes will include sporting events, travel opportunities, home renovations, and even opportunities to pay a winner's bills!

Each month, a finalist will be chosen from each participating Accel location for an opportunity to win that month's prize. Two winners will be chosen each month, one from Northern and one from Southern Illinois (check to see where your favorite location is.) There will also be multiple Instant-Win cash prizes every month for participants to win as well.

To enter the Mind Blowing Giveaway, visit a participating Accel location, and enter your information on our special Mind Blowing Giveaway tablets. In the near future, you will also be able to use our AE Player app to enter on your phone while at a participating location. Participants can enter every hour while at a location! Stay up-to-date with our prize calendar to view our multiple entry days - the more you enter, the more chances you have at winning!

Find A Location to Enter